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14 reasons why you should hire the person who traveled

Nowadays recruitment managers are swamped by hundreds of different applications and potential candidates. Who to choose? Of course technical skills and the matching educational background are important indicators for making the best decision in the interest of the organization. But naturally there is more to it. A special set of skills is required to be the best candidate.

People on the constant move outside their comfort zone collect many of those special skills during their adventures necessary to be successful in life. That is why a traveler brings often not only technical skills, the right educational background, but also the right set of skills.

But see for yourself. Here is a short list for all recruitment managers out there summarizing the most beneficial skills that travelers bring with them necessary for the business world.

#1 Self-confidence

When traveling alone – especially as girl – and driving a campervan for the first time on the left side of the lane on your own in New Zealand does make you more confident for sure. Generally travelling to a foreign country does push your self-esteem immensely. Trusting strangers and getting rewarded through strong friendships resulting out of the trust you put into a person, is an approval that improves also one’s understanding of people.

#2 Economist

Travelers are true economists. They know how to spend their money wisely. Often travellers save up money to afford the trip of their life. They work hard for it and therefore they know the value of money and appreciate it. But they also know when and on what to spend it according to their given budget. You can surely trust them with budgets and the monitoring of such.

#3 Resilient

Travelers develop certain coping strategies that make them more resilient. Travelers can cope with uncertainty and they are really good at that, they even embrace uncertainty as wonderful thrilling situation to be in. They also remain calm even in stressful situations, such as a 24 hours flight from one continent to another, rude boarding staff, or annoying passengers. They know when to keep cool and to stay calm and that loosing oneself won’t help the situation. Traveler’s work well under high-pressure and keep their coolness, which makes them the perfect candidate for project-oriented and deadline working.

#4 Networker

Building strong and positive relationships is important for a traveler. It is even necessary for their survival, especially when you are on your own. Making friends fast and being quickly acquainted with the shop owner across the street or other locals does benefit a journey and makes it easier to travel. Therefore, a traveller is expert in networking and building relationships. You can with certainty introduce them to your key clients and they will have blast together.

#5 Organisational talent

A real traveler – not a package holidaymaker – knows how to get around, what to book and what to avoid. Travelers are well-organised and real planning experts when it comes to perfect routes, journeys and plane tickets.

#6 Negotiator

As mentioned above, travelers are economist and because they have an economic mind they know how to negotiate best to travel low budget and to be not taken advantage of. Whether at a food market, on a tuk-tuk ride or for accommodation, they know how to get what they want without being aggressive or too pushy. Travelers know when to stop negotiating and to pocket the best deal.

#7 Goal-oriented

Climbing up 1260 stairs to get to a temple while it is 30 degrees under Thailand’s sun, just to embrace the view, makes you goal-oriented for sure. Travelers know what they are putting themselves into and how to be strong enough to focus on the goal while carrying a heavy backpack through the sun. It doesn’t matter what the goal is, it could be the next travel destination, the next accommodation or a mountain. A traveler will make sure how to get to his or her goal properly.

#8 Fast learner

In a foreign country, travelers are able to adapt to the new surrounding quickly. New customs, traditions or spiritual rules need to be understood fast in order to avoid being disrespectful towards locals. Travelers have to learn rapidly so they can integrate and experience the country to the fullest.

#9 Creative

Travelers live more in the moment and are more able to see beauty where others see ordinary. They can nourish their creative source quickly.
Also, certain circumstances form a real MacGyver in a traveler. Travelers know how to get around easily and even if they encounter a problem, they find creative solutions to make their way around it.

#10 Problem-solver

Whenever a traveler encounters a problem he or she is more likely to solve it because of the attitude a traveler has. Traveler don’t see problems, they only see potentials for finding solutions. They do so because of their attitude. Travelers are generally more positive and know that whenever a problem crosses their ways, there is no need to complain and whine about it. Rather solve it.

#11 Open-minded

If you think about the skill of traveler, it is most likely to be open-mindness. Travelers develop excellent cultural cross-cultural communication skills and great general communication skills what makes them easy to work with in a team. Being in a foreign country makes you more communicative and interactive.

A nice extra, travelers tend to gossip less, as they are less judgmental and more empathetic.

#12 Self-Starter, but team player

Especially solo travelers know how to be alone. They know how to get around, find the next grocery store or sight and plan a whole year-trip, which makes them a real self-starter. However, what travelers also know that they need to rely on others and collaborate with others in order to reach certain goals or destinations.

Through adjusting themselves to other cultures, travelers know how to read the human nature, which makes them an empathetic and considerate working colleague and good team player.

#13 Hands-on mentality and hard working

Travelers don’t shy away from work. Traveling mostly low budget and carrying a 13kg or more backpack through the midday sun of Indonesia does teach you hands-on mentality. Travelers know how to lend a hand and to work hard.

#14 Just fun to have around

Travelers smile more, feel more happiness from within and have cool stories to tell 🙂 They live more in the moment and bring It to the job. Travelers have exciting stories to tell and are happy to share them. A nice laugh during the coffee break is guaranteed.

Of course this might a bit bias, as I am a traveler myself. But when you think about it, it makes sense. Having a traveler’s spirit in your team brings fresh wind in your company and great stories to smile about 😉

Featured photo credit: Regina R. via Exposure

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