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How to make a 20h+ flight?

One of my longest flights was from Auckland, New Zealand straight to Dubai, UAE. I couldn’t even believe it when I saw my flight time for the first time. 20 hours? How am I going to make it without dying of boredom or similar reasons?

My 10 survival must haves

TBHB_Wood copy

  1. Travel pillow
  2. Hoodie
  3. Music
  4. Book
  5. Tablet
  6. Mobile Phone
  7. Travel Journal
  8. Ice Tea
  9. Corn sugar
  10. Baby Wipes

I always thought those U – formed travel pillows look ridiculous and are only for sissies. Now I know better! I bought one for the first time on my trip from Indonesia to Christchurch, New Zealand and I fell in love with it ever since. On my way back home from New Zealand to Germany, it was of great service. Of course you only dress comfortable when traveling. So for me it mostly my hoodie, sneakers and leggings or something that doesn’t give me a feeling of being in a fashion prison. I really cannot understand some people who run around in high heels at the airport – totally overdressed. Who do they want to impress??? Anyways, I love good music that kicks me right into my journey memories. Don’t you do that too? Whenever I leave a place, I listen to the songs I listened to during the trip. It gives me space and time to reflect and to collect  all the impressions I made. And foremost it underlines my memories. A nice side effect is, that time passes by so quickly when you indulge in good memories. I think most of you know what I mean. Additionally to that you also carry a good book with you – I think it is self-explanatory. At the moment I am reading “Wer bin ich und wennn ja wie viele?”. It is a really nice piece of literature by the German author Richard David Precht. It is about the human species, its development and the most interesting philosophical approaches it put forth. And who thought of that, I also have a tablet. I am not really into latest devices or technical equipment in general. But I got to tell you a tablet is really useful for skype, research, and booking the next hostel and so on. In my journeys I met a lot of people who carried their laptops with them. Say what? Yeah, the whole thing. Heavy, and risky. I would recommend you to just buy a tablet instead. You can put movies, TV shows and books on there. So it is really an all-rounder for travelers. So, while you are flying you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies. Makes the time fly by. My mobile phone is just always with me. But I don’t really use it during flights and who does it? So, I just put it in my survival kit, because I know it is always with me anyways. My journal actually works best with my music. Meaning, whenever I listen to a certain song, it sets the right mood for writing and reflecting on all the beautiful places I have been, the souls I have met. And it gives me the feeling of appreciation. Once I am in my reflecting mood, I appreciate. I appreciate all the people I met and the possibility of growing through the stories of others. I love it. And I am endlessly grateful for it. You know the feeling? When you sit back on any vehicle – plane, bus, car – passing the streets, people, trees, clouds and having a quiet moment to yourself. Anyways, so when I know I have such a long flight in front of me, I love writing in my journal. Again, it helps the time to pass by quicker. I don’t know why, but I am getting so thirsty on planes. I think it is the air conditioner. So, I always take a bottle of ice tea with me. The sugar keeps me alive and drinking and the swallowing supports the pressure compensation on planes. Speaking about sugar. I can really recommend you to take some corn sugar with you. Every now and again, especially during long and exhausting journeys, I take one. It really keeps my blood sugar up and me well. Last but not least, I love baby wipes. They are really useful for freshening up, especially during overnight flights, or cleaning food spots 🙂 I can be butterfingers when it comes to eating and drinking.

That was it so far. I hope some of my survival kit objects can help you too for your next (long) journey.

So long…much love,

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