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What to do in beautiful Munich?

Before I left for Canada, I visited my best friend in Munich and did a little bit of sightseeing there. What I noticed first is that Munich has so many beautiful old buildings. It seems like not much got destroyed during WW2. Also, even though Munich is claimed to be a big city it seems much smaller in comparison to Berlin. You have one city core with all those winding alleys and cobblestones. A true “organically grown” city, not urban planning.

So what can you do in Munich?

Visit Old Pete! Also called St. Peter’s church. For only 2 € (for students) you can head up high and climb up those 300 steps. On top of old Pete you will have a 360-degree-view of Munich. It is really beautiful to see all those red rooftops. From there you get a good view on the Frauenkirche and the New Town Hall.



Visit the Marienplatz and take a look at the New Town Hall of Munich. This building is really impressive as it is – again – an old building in good condition. You can walk through the New Town Hall to the inner courtyard and enjoy the view from inside.



Oh yeah and even though I am not a religious person. I went to see one church, which was really one of the most beautifully decorated churches I have seen. They created a dove installation directly under the roof of the church and it looks fantastic. It is called the Holy Spirit Church.


Also for the ladies out there, you can visit different shopping streets in Munich. There are tons of boutiques and shops. There is one street that is quite fancy. To get there first you need to find the Feldherrnhalle. From there you walk pass it and follow the alley on your right-hand side. The shops start already at the beginning of the alley.


And in case you would like to surf in the city? No problem! Just go to the Eisbachwelle. This is a popular spot for all surfers out there. It might not be the same as on a wave in the ocean, but nevertheless I think it is still pretty cool!



And before I forget, in case you get hungry. I found this beautiful hipster place called Benko Café. You can get warm meals there as well as delicious ciabbata sandwiches. And you get good coffee there too! Never underestimate the benefit of a good coffee! It can be life saving 😉 The owner is super nice as well as the service people. Even though people call Germany “a service desert” because of the bad service you get, I must say it is different at Benko. I met Phillipp there and he is a friendly fellow! Ready to help finding the best snack for you 🙂


I also love the living room atmosphere in the room in the back, so cosy and inviting.




Try it out!

That was it, a short article about beautiful Munich 🙂 Hope you liked it and was a bit helpful!

Much love,

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    Patrick von
    June 1, 2015 at 1:13 pm

    My hometown. Please do not forget to go to the different biergartens and have a long walk and chillout in the different parks we have in the city. 🙂

    • Reply
      June 1, 2015 at 3:06 pm

      Thank you, Patrick! True! It would be a shame if you wouldn’t check out those!!! 🙂

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